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SIV Clinics



SIV (Safety Courses) are designed to create a safe environment for pilots to learn how to develop advanced control of their wing. By flying your glider through a variety of non-standard configurations, you will learn how to react when things go bad and develop a better understanding of the limitations of your wing.


Our courses are available for any USHPA P2 pilots that can launch and land safely by themselves. There is no minimum level of experience necessary. All you need to do is to be able to follow instructions and our team of experts will help you with the rest.



The Northwest SIV clinics are held in southern Washington State halfway between Seattle and Portland.


Our location is one of the most reliable and safest spots in the US for SIV courses with spectacular views of Mt Rainier and Mt St Helens.


Our SIV courses are weekend courses & weather dependent. Most pilots like to camp with us at our private camping area Friday night to avoid early departures on Saturday morning. We keep the client size to 7 pilots to ensure quality instruction and attention to safety. 


8 - 10am: Towing, safety and maneuvers briefing.


10am - end of day: 3 x Tows at the lake w/ in air coaching with pre / post flight briefings


10am - end of day: 3 x Tows at the lake w/ in air coaching with pre / post flight briefings




2023 Schedule

Week 1: May 6 - 7 (Full)

Week 2: May 13 - 14 

Week 3: May 20 - 21

Week 4: May 27 - 28

Week 5: June 3 - 4

Week 6: August 5 - 6

Week 7: August 12 - 13

Week 8: August 19 - 20

Week 9: August 26 - 27

Week 10: September 2 - 3

Week 11: September 9 - 10

Week 12: September 16 -17


The price for the NW SIV clinic is $1250. This includes:

  • 6 tows

  • In flight coaching and analysis

  • Safety equipment for the weekend: tow bridals, life jacket, extra front mount reserve, hook knife

Please email us at for any questions or to sign up!


Nat Mote

These SIV courses gave me the tools I needed to confidently manage collapses when I started flying in more turbulent conditions. I'm so glad that I did SIV early in my paragliding career. I'm very happy that I got a chance to experience unusual wing configurations in a controlled environment before they happened to me on XC flights.


JJ Johnson

I had the SIV course with Matty Senior and was not disappointed. He took the time to meet with all of us prior to the course to look at everyone's reserves, rehearse throwing in a hanging harness and discuss signals and what's all expected. He had all the necessary gear and tow bridles and was very clear on how to hook them up and release them. The weather was good for us and most of us got all of our tows. We ended up having boat issues late Sunday and was refunded my last tow. If there's something specific you wanted to work on, Matty was very accommodating and was great at explaining everything needed. I highly recommend Northwest SIV to anyone looking to take an SIV.


Raja Ali

One of the best decisions I have ever made was to join Northwest SIV soon after getting my P2. The maneuver course was well organized by Matt and Austin. They kept it very simple, and enjoyable. Now, I can proudly say that am very competent dealing with different situations in the air, because I had the opportunity to practice it with Northwest SIV group over the water.

I’d recommend Northwest SIV as well as Northwest XC clinic. Fly safe

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